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The Limitation Of The Cables In CCTV System

The cables play a big role in the CCTV System, there are video cables, power cables and some other cable runs in the CCTV system. To make sure the whole system work well, you need to know the limitation of these cables.

1. The Maximum Distance for Power Cable

Power SupplyPower24AWG22AWG18AWG16AWG
12V DC4.2W17m55ft27m88ft68m223ft108m355ft
24V AC4.8W265m867ft420m13801060m3488ft1690m5547ft


The date in the chart are based on the voltage and power being used.

2. The Maximum Distance for Coaxial Cable

Coaxial Cable TypeMax Distance


For Bulk Siamese Cable (RG59 Coaxial cable with 18AWG Power Wire), the limitation for 12V Camera is about 70m (223ft) due to the signal drop.

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