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Welcome To Shenzhen Flourish Technology Co.LTD

Welcome to Shenzhen Flourish Technology Co.LTD, our English website are released now.

Shenzhen Flourish Technology Co.LTD specializes in manufacturing low voltage wires according customers’ requirements. We manufacture and market custom as well as standard cable assemblies, servicing OEM and reseller customers in the CCTV surveillance, LED lighting and Audio Video equipments industries etc. We accept contract manufacturing for small, medium, and large quantities.

Our product lines includes CCTV Plug Play Cable, Cat6, Cat5e, RG58 Coaxial Cable, RG59 Coaxial, RG174 Coaxial cable, Power Cord, Waterproof DC power cord, DC power splitter, RCA cable, SCART Cable, VGA and SVGA video Cable, 15 Pins Cables, 25 Pins Cables, 2.5mm Stereo Cable, 3.5mm Stereo Cable, DIN Cable, BNC Connectors, TV socket, RCA Chassis Mount Sockets and various other adapters and cables.

We will be very glad to work with the clients all around the world.  

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