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    CA-80AS: In Line DC Power Plug

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    In Line DC Power Plug. Power Line Connectors for DC Power Applications. Ideal for power supply and wall mounted replacements.* Sample:Free. * Min Order: 500PCS 

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    In Line DC Power Plug. 

    Power Line Connectors for DC Power Applications. 

    Ideal for power supply and wall mounted replacements.

    * Sample:Free. 

    * Min Order: 500PCS 

    * Weight:0.40KG/250PCS. (250Pcs Per Bag)

    * Packing: PE Bag&Carton. 

    250 Pcs per Bag, 2500 Pcs Per Carton usually. 

    10 Packs,50 Packs available for regular customers.

    * Lead time: 

    For small order is always available in stock. 

    For large quantity, we can have the goods ready within 7-10 days usually.

    Please feel free to contact me if you need any further information about our products 

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