Plug & Play CCTV security camera cables are a great choice for home or business security camera installations. These pre-made cctv cables come in various lengths, and have all of the video and power connectors already attached to the cable. Simply plug in these cables to your security cameras and you can instantly carry power out to your surveillance camera and video back from the camera with a single cable per camera. Great for easy Plug and Play security camera installations!

The Plug & Play CCTV cable is just as good as running our bulk CCTV cable, but easier because the ends are already installed on the cables!

1.Plug the BNC connector into the BNC ports on your DVR Card (Or DVR)

2. Plug the Power adapter into the Power connector on the PC end of the CCTV Power/Video Cable

3. With CCD Cameras, use the included BNC to RCA adapter to connect the camera to the cables

4. With CMOS Cameras, plug the CCTV Power/Video Cable directly into the Video (Yellow) and Power (Red Connectors)