Project Description

More Details:

HD15 VGA to 5 BNC Adapter Cable features an HD15 VGA (male) connector and 5 BNC (female) connectors.

BNC connectors provide cable matched 75-ohm impedance.

Flexible PVC jacket for easy installation.

Designed to work with monitors, HDTV and other video applications.

Allowing you to connect your existing BNC video source to a VGA distribution amplifier or PC.

The cable can also be used with a VGA out signal, breaking out to 5 BNC female connectors that can be used with a 5 BNC (M-M) cable for use with a BNC monitor/display.

* Conductor: BC

* Jacket: PVC

* Plug:Gold or Nickel Plating

* Min Order: 500PCS

* Lead time: We can have the goods ready within 7-10 days usually.

* Sample is free.

* Small order and customized products accepted.

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