Project Description

Mr M is one of our clients from U.S, who is working with us for years. Sept 17, 2010, Mr M email us to ask that if we can take one of their order, all are small parts, like BNC connectors, DC adapters and some cables (DC Power pigtails etc), about 12 models in total. And they need 10 pcs per bag, small package, with logos, and with barcodes, too.

In mass-production, the smallest package we provide is 100pcs per bag usually. 10pcs per bag means more labor cost. And according to our experience, the bag manufacturer will not accept small quantity in different size. They like mass-production!

To show our sincerity, our management agreed to cover the increased labor cost. After carefully study, we propose to Mr M a size that can pack most of items to save the bag cost. As to the barcode, fortunately, Mr M provided the Code to us, so we can print it by ourselves.

Since Mr M’s target market is the retailers and supermarkets, we have to keep the bags and the barcodes are neat in appearance. As you know, the connectors are hardware. It will be very easy to rumple the bags and labels after they stay in the cartons and a long journey across the Pacific Ocean. Our solution is the air cap, and putting the bags in order level by level. And it really works.

A” job well done” from Mr M after this deal.