Project Description

More Details:

* Sample: Free.

* Min Order: 500PCS

* Packing: PE bags&Carton.

* Lead time: 2 weeks.

The cable specs can be produced according to needs.

Please feel free to contact me if you need any further information about our products

The DB-X006 DB 9-pin male to 8 RCA female cable is an essential component for connecting video surveillance equipment. This high-quality cable is designed for use with DVRs, cameras, and other security devices that feature a DB 9-pin male port.

Its 8* RCA female connectors make it easy to connect to monitoring equipment, such as TVs or monitors. The cable is made with high-quality materials that ensure reliable performance and long service life.

It can support video signals over long distances without any signal loss or interference. Whether you are setting up a new CCTV system or upgrading an existing one, the DB-X006 DB 9-pin male to 8 RCA female cable is an excellent choice.