Project Description

Sept 16, We got an inquiry for a DC power splitter from Mr K, who is a supplier of outdoor products in Canada. As winter is coming, Mr K wants to develop a new product – heated glove for their customers.

At first, it is just an idea and it is not a regular DC power splitter.

And as a manufacturer, we give some advices to Mr K based on the view of production, such as the material of the wire etc.

Mr K take our suggestions and then revised the design as below

We know this is a new product for Mr K, and he may have not enough confidence that this idea can come true.

And we don’t want to produce the cables in bulk but the customer can’t use it, too. So we propose that we can make several pcs of sample for him. And to show our sincerity, our sample is free.

Within 1 week, Mr K got the sample, and then they test it, and so get some feedback from their customers.

To get a good market response, Mr K decided to revise the design again, from one size to two sizes. The small one is for Male customer, and the big one is for male customers. So their products can cover all of the customers.