Project Description

Augest, 11, 2009, A inquiry of RG58 Coaxial cable from Mr K, Germany. Mr K has a company producing sophisticated testing equipment, mainly of their product will be used in the places have very strong electromagnetic interference , such as Airport. But they have to make the equipments work well. So they want to have a heavy duty RG58 Coaxial cable, which has the ability to protect against radio and electromagnetic interference.

We proposed the heavy shield RG58 Coaxial cable, which is with 128 braids. Yes, it is 128 braids, almost double than that of the regular cable in the market.

But the problem is the MOQ, Mr K just want to order 1000pcs, (0.5m per pcs). The MOQ we can accept is 4000pcs, (2000m at least). As the 128 braids RG58 Coaxial cable is not the regular one, we have to produce it especially. And the risk of the inventory is very high for us, because there might be no other clients need so much high guard cable for a long time if Mr K doesn’t order it any more. The profit for the 1000pcs is a little, but the risk of the inventory is a lot.

Considering that it is a good opportunity to break into the German Market, and with the confidence of the quality of our products, we believed that if our RG58 Coaxial cable work well with Mr K’s equipments, they will be definitely get back to us.

Finally, we made a deal with1500pcs. And now, Mr K is one of our main regular clients in Europ.