Project Description

Mr J, one of our regular partners in UK, place two orders each year, one is in March, and one is in July, delivered by ship, Always.

This August, Mr J called us to place an additional order for CCTV accessories, such as CCTV Camera Cable, Power Cord, BNC connectors etc. It is almost the end of August at that time. And the China’s national Day is coming in October 1, the workers will have a 7 days break. We estimated that it may take about 3-4 weeks to finish Mr J’s order. Time is very urgent. Mr J say he can’t tell his customer that their products are out of stock, it is a shame.

Then September became the most busiest month in this year. Finally, we get Mr J’s goods ready at the end of the September. But a notification from Mr J’s forwarder make us nervous again, we have to deliver the goods to the customs warehouse before 9/28.

You know, China is the factory of the world. So not just our company want to ship the goods before the holiday. When we arrived at the port on that day. The trucks was so long, about 2kms.

Our workers and driver get to the port in the morning, and back in the midnight.

Anyway, we keep our promise to deliver the goods on time for the clients.