For producing multiple pins cables, such as 15 pins to 8 BNC cable, Scart to Rca Cable etc, it is very important to know what the pinouts is.

Pinouts is the way to connect the contacts on each end of the cable. As we know, contacts in electrical connectors, which will be power- or signaling-related, must be specified in order for connectors to be interchangeable. If contacts of disparate functions are allowed to make contact, the connection may fail and damage may result.

Therefore, to make sure our clients get the right products, pinouts are a key question we ask the clients when they order the connectors, cables, and adapters.

Here are some examples that how you can show us the pinouts you need.



Or even you can draw it like as below, our technician will still get it.



We will be appreciated that if you can send these pinout to us when you inquiry. However, we will confirm it with you before production to make sure you get the correct products you are looking for.